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What is sustainable living?

The term sustainable living denotes the ability to live with a small footprint on this planet. There is an increasing acknowledgment that this will require not only technological advances but a significant increase of our ability to experience body-mind and person planet unity. To get information on the LfSL initiatives please visit:


Dr Werner Sattmann-Frese is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with more than 30 years of work experience. He holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Social Ecology and a Doctoral Degree for the completion of a research project on the psychosocial background of ecological crises and the interrelationships between personal, social, and environmental sustainability. Werner is a working as a part-time Senior Lecturer at the Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney.

The LfSL seminar series

The Learning for Sustainable Living Seminars aim to assist people from all walks of life in deepening their understanding of their emotional, social, and ecological issues. In the safe and confidential space of a closed group, eight to ten participants are invited to explore their difficulties with living sustainable lives with the aim of making their lives more enjoyable and socially and ecologically sustainable. Please click on on LfSL Seminars in the top banner for more information on this initiative.