The Learning for Sustainable Living Seminars aim to assist people from all walks of life in deepening their understanding of their emotional, social, and ecological issues. In the safe and confidential space of a closed group, eight to ten participants are invited to explore their difficulties with living sustainable lives with the aim of making their lives more enjoyable and socially and ecologically sustainable. You are likely to benefit from these seminars if you:

  • Feel dissatisfied with aspects of your life
  • Wish to enhance your communication skills
  • Struggle with addictions
  • Wish to enhance your sense of connection with other people and the more-than-human world
  • Would like to enhance your conflict resolution skills, and
  • Feel you would benefit from joining a small group of people with the aim of creating friendships based on mutual caring for one another and the planet.

Aims of the seminars:

  • To find sustainable solutions for struggles with sustainable living
  • To enhance personal communication and the ability to be emotionally connected to people
  • To share with others successful sustainable living strategies 
  • To practice self-awareness and self-regulation
  • To understand the sustainable needs behind unsustainable wants
  • To deepen understanding of the links between personal and environmental sustainability. 

Content of the first meeting:

  • Short introduction
  • Working with the Sustainability Questionnaire
  • Identifying personal sustainability issues by working with the sustainability mapping structure shown to the left.